Chiaota's Philosophy

From the early days of our existence, the focus on the three words has allowed Chiao Ta to achieve greatness in the spring industry. 
For us, quality, service, and value, are not just buzz words. Instead, these words are what we live by, and a part of the tradition which we provide to each and every one of our customers.
Chiao Ta team aims to offer our customers with products that exceed their expectations.


Company Culture
  1. We believe that it is rather important to do the right things at the first time - Our goal is to pursuit perfection.
  2. Chiao Ta practices quality control solidly.
  3. We are convinced that there is always room for improvement - we try to better the best.
  4. Instant problem solving - Once there is a problem, we will be finding ways to solve it immediately.
  5. 6S (1.Sorting Out  (2.Systematic Arrangement  (3.Standardizin (4.Spic and Span (5.Self-Discipline (6.Safety
  6. Chiao Ta consider every of our employees a part of the family, and we run the business with passion.


Why Choose Chiao Ta?
Chiao Ta helps you to turn your conceptual thoughts into concrete completion efficiently. We will satisfy your sustainable and functional needs on ideal products.
  1. Fast sampling process
  2. Thorough quality control
  3. Great working environment and enthusiasm
  4. Best customer service
  5. Our trustworthiness